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Choosing a siding for your home can be very overwhelming! There are so many different options to choose from. With a plethora of combinations, it is very important to consider:

The design of the siding
The color and visual impact of the siding
The material of the siding


Styles of Siding

There are a number of exterior siding styles to choose from. Three of the main classes of styles are:

Board and Batten - Vertical Siding

Cedar Shingles

Clapboard - Horizontal Siding


Types of Siding

One can argue that there are dozens of siding types, which can make it a cumbersome process to whittle down the best option for your home. We find it better to stick to two main types of siding:


A very traditional take on exterior siding. It offers versatility, along with an elegant feel.


Very Versatile with great moisture protection. Composite siding also can also integrate insulation.


Color Scheme

There are several different color schemes you can choose from! It is all a matter of preference, however two of the main color scheme Categories are:

Natural Woods


Earth Tones

Golden Teak
Brazilian Cherry


After you have made your choices, the next step is finding a reliable product that will not only live up to your expectations but will also be cost effective now as well as long term.

Composite = $5.00 per square foot
Vinyl = $7.00 per square foot
Wood = $8.00 per square foot
Shingles = $9.00 per square foot

*Average Costs of siding (materials only)
*Based on average prices in the United States in 2018